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The Peninsula Council of the Blind

PCB Constitution

PCB Constitution
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Here is the most current copy of the PCB Constitution.

Peninsula Council of the Blind



A. This organization recognizes its affiliation with the Washington Council of the Blind (WCB) and the American Council of the Blind (ACB).

B. The Peninsula Council of the Blind (PCB) has been formed to:

1.  promote public education and a greater awareness of the concerns specific to persons who are legally blind,

2.  provide mutual support and sharing to further the growth of ourselves and our fellow members, and

3.  promote greater opportunities for community participation, recreation, and vocation for the legally blind in the greater Kitsap County area.



A. the majority of the membership must be composed of persons who are legally blind.

B. Denial of membership cannot be made based on race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, handicap, national origin or age (sixteen years or older).

C. To be a member in good standing, all applicable dues must be paid to the PCB Treasurer at least thirty
(30) days prior to eligibility to vote, hold office, serve on a committee
or receive any other benefits of membership.

D. Dues are based on the calendar year and will be in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00). This will include:

1. chapter dues (PCB),

2. state dues (WCB)

3. national dues (ACB).



A.  Those wishing to join the PCB who have not yet reached the age of sixteen (16) will be considered a Junior Member.

B.  Junior members cannot hold office, serve on a committee or vote in elections.

C.  Junior members will automatically become voting members upon their sixteenth birthday providing current dues has been paid.



A. General meetings of the PCB must be scheduled by the President, at least thirty (30) days in advance with notification given to the membership.

B. A quorum must be present to call a general meeting to order.

C. A quorum will be considered thirty (30) percent of the total membership.

D. A two-thirds majority vote of the membership present and voting is needed to amend this constitution.

E. the President shall not vote, except to break a tie vote.

F. Methods of voting authorized are:

1. Voice vote,

2. Show of hands,

3. Secret Ballot,

4. Roll call (at the discretion of the President).

G. The presiding officer will select two persons to act as tellers during

H. Unless specifically noted, the PCB Bylaws will use the current edition
of Robert's Rules of Order as final parliamentary authority.



A. the PCB shall have an executive body consisting of:

1. President,

2. Vice President,

3. Secretary,

4. Treasurer,

    5.  Three (3) Directors.

B.  The immediate past President shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Body.

C. The election of officers will be held at the January general meeting of the PCB.

D. All officers are elected by a simple majority vote of the membership present.

E. The offices of President and Vice President must be held by a person who is legally blind.

F. The majority of offices must be held by persons who are legally blind.

G. No member may hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive full terms.

H. A term is defined as two (2) years.

I.  The offices of President, Vice President and Board positions one and two will be elected on odd calendar years, and the offices of Secretary, Treasurer and Board position three will be elected on even calendar years.

J. All officers must be members in good standing as defined in this Constitution and must carry out all duties assigned to their office.

K. If any member of the Executive Body vacates their office prior to the end of their term, election for that office will be held at the general meeting when notification is given to the membership..

L. Officers may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the
membership present and voting.

M. The Executive Body shall meet outside of the general meetings, at the discretion of the President.



A. The President:

1. will preside over all general meetings and executive meetings.

2. will oversee all other officers and committee chairs.

3. will organize the meeting agenda.

4. will provide general oversight to all PCB activities.

B. The Vice President:

1. will act in the absence of the President.

2. will carry out duties delegated by the President.

C. The Secretary:

1. is responsible for official PCB records and minutes which must be in
typed print, organized, and available to members (Alternate formats may be made available upon request).

2. must give an oral report of the previous meetings minutes at each general meeting of the PCB.

3. must track attendance of membership and visitors.

4. must prepare and provide a current membership list, including phone numbers and addresses to the WCB Treasurer within thirty (30) days of membership dues being received by the PCB Treasurer.

5. is responsible for all correspondence to the PCB.

D. The Treasurer:

1. is responsible for all financial transactions of the PCB.

2. is responsible for all financial records of the PCB.

3. must give an oral report of the financial status of the PCB at each general meeting.

4. must keep records up-to-date, organized, and available for inspection by any member of the PCB.

5. will submit, in writing and provide orally, an annual financial report of the previous fiscal year's activities of the PCB at the January general meeting.

6. will chair the Finance Committee and work with said committee on an annual budget to be presented to the membership at the February general meeting.

E.  The Directors:

1.  will each be a member of the Finance Committee, working with the Treasurer on an annual budget and overseeing the PCB Treasury.

2.  will perform all other duties as assigned.

F.  All officers and Directors:

1.  are expected to attend all general meetings of the PCB and any meeting of the Executive Body.

2.  are expected to support and participate in the activities of the PCB.

3.  must attend, if possible, at least one (1) WCB board meeting per year.

4.  must be available to speak to the public on topics related to the PCB, Statement of Purpose.



A. A committee is formed to carry out tasks in a specific area.

B. Committees are established by a majority vote of the membership present at a general meeting of the PCB.

C. Only members in good standing, in accordance with this Constitution, are
eligible to serve on a committee.

D. Committee Chairs will be appointed by the President.

E. All committee Chairs must be available to report at each PCB general meeting.

F. Committee members will be selected by the Chair of that committee.

G. No member shall serve as Chair of more than two (2) committees.



In the event of dissolution of the Peninsula Council of the Blind,
all assets of this organization shall be given to an organization with
similar purposes.


Adopted, January 14, 2006

Amended, 01-13-07