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The Peninsula Council of the Blind

Fun and Helpful Links
PCB Constitution
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Fun and Helpful Links

Here's a list of links to various websites and e-mails, from fun stuff to useful and educational information.

Useful and Educational Links

American Council of the Blind

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ACB Special Interest Groups

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E-mails to ACB Special Interest Groups

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Guide Dog Schools in the USA

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Washington State Organizations and Services for the Blind

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Purchase Products for tht Blind and Visually Imapired

Fun Links

Audio Description

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Accessable Computer Games

Free demos,.registered copies $20 each or 8 for $79
     *Accessible Battleship
     *Accessible Black Jack
     *Accessible Free Cell
     *Accessible Memory
     *Accessible Simon
     *Accessible Word Play
     *Accessible Word Scramble
     *Accessible Yahtzee
     *Grizzly Gulch Western Extravaganza - $40.00
     *Chillingham - $40.00
     *Troopanum 1.5 - free demo, registered copy $25.95
     *Hunter Hunter - free demo, registered copy $30
     *Pipe - free demo, registered copy $25.95
     *Word Strain - $14.99
     *15 numbers 2.0 - $12.95
     *Deekout - free
     *Finger Panic - free
     *Sonic Match - free
     *Bobby's Revenge - free
     *OCT Solitare - free
     *Change Reaction - free demo, full version $19.95
     *Alien Outback - free demo, full version $29.95
     *ESP Pinball - free demo, full version $29.95
     *DynaMan - $24.95
     *Shell Shock - free
     *Monkey Business - free demo, full version $34.95 
     *ESP Raceway - $39.95
     *Shades of Doom - $35
     *Lone Wolf - free demo, full version $30
     *Trek 2000 - $25
     *Pacman Talks - free demo
All games free
     *Match 1
     *Sound version of pong
     *Snakes and Ladders
     *Batting Practice
     *Arcade Baseball
     *The Game of Life
     *Master Mind
     *5 Card Draw
     *Slot Machine
     *LWorks Words - $8
     *Super Slot - free
     *Guess the Nunber - free
Free demo, or mothly or annual membership    
     *online game - 5 Card Draw Pocker
Audio Tips - live voice chat